11/16/2017 Karina Soto Great customer service
11/14/2017 Monolo Milian Your text here...
11/10/2017 Tony Thompson Your text here...
11/9/2017 Stephen Arneson I have been to Georges for a few different services over the year. The service is always top notch and the quality is excellent. I will continue to go back. It can be difficult to find someone to trust with my vehicle.
10/18/2017 Frank Finazzo Always great customer service.
10/16/2017 Rudy Radcilffe Great service and a trusted friend. I needed an oil change but also the trusted opinion of my go to Auto Shop. After hearing another shop's opinion I asked Jessica if she could check it out for me since I trust George's Shell more than any other auto shop. I received the truth in terms that I understand and gets explained to me and will move forward based on George's Opinion. No charge for the check and great service on my oil change. Thank you Team at George's Shell as always
10/10/2017 Tim Williams Always great service and good work done, can't complain.
10/9/2017 Bj Lee Awesome as usual!
10/4/2017 Jackie Johnson I always get great service at George's Shell and today was no different.
10/3/2017 Marcus Friedemann I had to have my truck towed to the shop because it wouldn’t start. It did this occasionally, even though I had just put a new battery in. Daniel, one of the mechanics, was able to quickly diagnose the problem and fix it. They even had my truck washed before I picked it up. George’s Shell has always provided me with superior service and excellent customer service. Thank you for another job well done!
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