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Auto AC Service

George's Shell Auto AC Service and Repair

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t doing its job, we can help. Whether you have an older or newer model vehicle, our full-service air conditioning repair facility can help keep you cool—even in the hottest summer months. Here are some signs that your vehicle may need an auto AC service:

  • Your vehicle blows hot air from the vents, though you have the dial on cold
  • The air doesn’t feel as cold as it used to
  • Randomly blows colder than you indicated
  • It makes loud noises or produces a scent

At George’s Sierra Shell, our ASE certified master technicians will perform a professional inspection of the system and provide a complete analysis and auto ac service based off the current conditions, whether it’s a simple A/C recharge or a new air conditioning compressor.

Our standard auto AC service and performance check includes:

  • Visually inspect A/C components
  • Run performance test including system state of charge test and system control test
  • Perform leak test using approved electronic leak detector
  • If a slow leak cannot be detected, a dye detection service may need to be performed.

If your A/C runs on R-12 Freon, we can convert your old system to a new environmentally friendly system using EPA-approved refrigerant (134a). Many older vehicles (prior to 1993) use a refrigerant called R12 or Freon in the A/C system, but due to stricter environmental laws, this product is no longer manufactured, and supplies are scarce and expensive.

Conversion to 134a is different for each vehicle. At George’s Sierra Shell, we will provide an estimate for repair of the old system and an estimate to retrofit to 134a.

Make an appointment online or call George’s Shell to get your Auto AC Service System checked today.