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Brake Repair and Service

Our Signature Zero-Noise Brake Repair

Our technicians pay special attention to the quality and effectiveness of your brakes, and with good reason. The difference of just a couple inches could save your life. Fortunately, your brakes are pretty good at telling you when they need service.

Are your brakes in good shape? Check our brake repair list:

  • Does your steering wheel shake when you apply your brakes? (Your rotors and/or drums might need machining)
  • Is your brake pedal lower than usual?
  • Is the brake pedal spongy when you push on it? (Might be your hydraulic system.)
  • Is your brake pedal hard to push? (Might be worn out shoes or pads.)
  • Does your red brake warning light on the dashboard stay on? (Might be an imbalance in your hydraulic system.)
  • Do your breaks make a squealing or grinding sound? (Might be a glazed rotor or the calipers may need replacing.)
  • Has it been more than a year since you had your breaks checked?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a break inspection. We at George’s Shell are armed with the latest diagnostic equipment, expert know-how and superior braking parts and components made from premium materials for your vehicle.

When replacing brakes, the quality of the parts installed is incredibly important. That is why we install the highest quality aftermarket pads available. Premium replacement parts are designed to meet—and often exceed—the performance of the equipment that originally came with your car.

Adaptive One Brake Pads (Featuring Advanced Braking Technology) makes the brakes fit better, stop faster and last longer than any other replacement pads. And, they’re quieter, too. Thanks to our rigorous quality standards and unmatched installation skills, your brakes will perform as well as the originals—or better!

Make an appointment online or call George’s Shell to get your brake repair and service checked today.